Lunar 222

Artemis 2in1 Care222® Far UVC Disinfection +Indirect Lighting Devices

Deactivate bacteria and viruses in occupied space


Virus control and disinfection by UV irradiation

Occupied environment

Maybe used in occupied space

Easy installation

Direct replacement mounting

Human sensor

Equipped with sensor-based safety functions

IOT sensor

UV irradiation at the touch of a switch

*These products unitilize Care222® technologydeveloped by Ushio Inc.

*Care222® is a trademark or registered trademarkof Ushio Inc, and Ushio America, Inc.

Indirect lighting

Indirect lighting theory

Like the moonlight to the earth, which is sunlight reflected by the moon. The light is soft, comfortable, and no glare.

MCPET introduction

"MCPET" was developed by Furukawa Electric of Japan and is the world's first commercially available microporous molded polyethylene terephthalate (PET) sheet.

These sheets have the world’s highest reflectance due to their ultra-fine foam structure, and allow the secondary processing of autonomous bend processing and mold processing as a consequence of their high rigidity. They have realized increases in optical extraction efficiency, improvements in glare and irregularities, and reductions in light sources, etc., and expand the freedom of design.

Microcellular foamed sheets possess excellent light reflecting performance, and have been used widely as reflectors for lighting fixtures.

The excellent light reflecting performance has led to a reduction in the number of fluorescent lamps, LED, and other light sources required, making a significant contribution to power conservation.

Safety and efficacy

Safe for human cells
(Difference in Penetration Depth)

Filtered Far UV-C Ultravoilet Light

The 222nm wavelength used with Care222 technology is absorbed by the dead skin layer of stratum corneum and the upper layer of cornea of the eye .

.Why is UV disinfection effective?

Why is UV disinfection effective?

UV lights works by disrupting the DNA or RNA of microorganism such as viruses or bacteria so they cannot replicate. Unlike with chemical treatments or antibiotics, bacteria and viruses cannot become resistant to damage from ultraviolet light.

Patented optical band pass filter

.Joint Development with Columbia university

Joint development by Ushio and Columbia University

Care222 technology is based on research by Ushio, Inc. a light source solutions company, and Columbia University Center For Radiological Research, a leading research lab for UV radiation.

.Filtering of harmful ultraviolet wavelength (Maybe used in occupied space)

Filtering of harmful ultraviolet wavelength
(Maybe used in occupied space)

Care222 is a FAR UV-C disinfection technology using 222nm excimer lamps combined with an optical fiber, which blocks wavelength above 230nm that can be potentially harmful to human skin and eyes.

.Spectrum distribution

Application Scenarios







Irradiation time and coverage

surface disinfection

aairborne Disinfection


This is not a result of any demonstration in a real room. Disinfection efficacy varies depending on usage environment and irradiation conditions.
No matter in which mode, at any time, as long as the person(any part of the body) is within 1M distance to UV module, the module will be forced to shut down.

1.In occupied mode. The UV device is on for 15 seconds, and off for 200 seconds. In unoccupied mode, it is on for 15 seconds, off for 30 seconds, repeating, and off automatically if there is unoccupied more than 2 hours.
2.In occupied mode. The UV device is on for 15 seconds, and off for 80 seconds. In unoccupied mode, it is on for 15 seconds, off for 30 seconds, repeating, and off automatically if there is unoccupied more than 2 hours.
3. Longer diameter x shorter diameter (Area where is 0.6 times of central intensity)
4. The time required for virus disinfection is calculated by the peak iradiance in the irradiated area
5. Reference: Buonanno, et al.,Sci. Rep.10,10285(2020)
6. Reference: Kitagawa, et.al (2020) DOI:https:/l doi.org/10/1016/j.ajic.2020.08.022

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A vast variety of viruses and bacteria can be disinfected

List of target pathogens

※UV light works againstmicroorganism which hasRND/DNA such as viruses,bacteria and yeasts.


※Not all bacteria and viruses are effective

Operation instruction

Occupied mode (8 hours)

Unoccupied mode


No matter in which mode, the UV module will be off when sensor does not perceive a person for 2 hours.

No matter in which mode, at any time, as long as the person (any part of the body) is within 1M distance to UV module, the module will be forced to shut down.

The threshold limit value, or TLV, of 222nm ultraviolet light that a person can be exposed to per day has been set by the ACGIH(American conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienist) and JIS Z 8812(Measuring Methods of Eye-hazardous Ultraviolet Radiation) at or below 22mJ/cm2)(up to 8 hours per day). Ensure that exposure is within this limit when installing and using Care222® devices. When using Artemis far UVC products, please follow the instruction in the manual.


Science Reports

August 12, 2020
Exploratory clinical trial on the safety and bactericidal effect of 222-nm ultraviolet C irradiation in healthy humans

April 7, 2020
Repetitive irradiation with 222nm UVC shown to be non-carcinogenic & safe for sterilizing human skin

Februry 9, 2018
Far-UVC light: A new tool to control the spread of airborne-mediated microbi al diseases

More information: www.care222.com




Input voltage / Frequency

AC100~240V / 50/60Hz

Power consumption


Luminous flux/Color temperature/ Color rendering index


LED lifespan


Care222 lifespan


External dimensions/ Installation hole dimensions (mm)




Operation mode

occupied mode (ceiling height 3m or 4m) or unoccupied mode

Lighting mode

LED lighting & UV irradiation / UV irradiation only / LED lighting only can be operated by a switch

Reflective material

Ultra-fine foamed light reflective material (MCPET) from Furukawa Electric Co.

Wavelength/UV intensity


Low energy consumption, energy saving, eco-friendly, no noise

Long lifespan

Replace the high labour cost

High effect, and low cost

222nm filtered far UV-C, it's skin and eyesfriendly

The disinfection effect is the same as, or might better than 254nm UV-C, effectively inactivate COVID-19

Could be used in occupied spaces!

Continuous disinfection to keep the air andsurfaceconstantly clean!

Ceiling installation, beautiful, do not destroy the sense of environmental design

Can directly replace the original lamps, simple installation and construction, low cost

Adding the LED indirect lighting function, sterilization and lighting at the same time

LED indirect lighting technology is very friendly to the eyes, making the eyes less likely to fatigue.

Auto-running by the IOT operating system

Multiple device operation can be controlled wirelessly

Ceiling Installation

Looks beautiful

No destroy to the sense of environmental design

Simulation Display

Reference for Meeting Room Area

About 18 m2 (194ft2)

16-18 persons

Number of UV: 3Units

The dimension of UV-Square is 60x60, could be replaced the ceiling panel light of 60x60 directly, or replaced the ceiling of 60x60.

UV-Round could be replaced the 7 inches downlight.

Connect the power input wires, andput theminto the ceiling, thentheinstallation is finished, verysimple!

Use the wall buttontopoweronand off, then the devicewill runand stop

Exposure time with My Artemis UV Device for SARS-CoV2/COVID-19


1.This is not a result of any demonstrationinareal room. Disinfection efficacy variesdependingon usage environment and irradiation conditions

2. The time required for virus disinfectioniscalculated by the peak irradiance intheirradiatedarea

3.Reference: Buonanno, et al.Sci. Rep.10,10285(2020)

4 . R e f e r e n c e : K i t a g a wa , et . al ( 2020)DOI:https:/ldoi.org/10/1016/j.ajic.2020.08.022

My Artemis UV Devices
is Safe?

● My Artemis UV Devices are equipped with Ushio's Care222® filtered far UVC technology, which block the harmful wavelength and emits the 222nm far UVC that safe for human.

My Artemis UV devices is free from harmful wavelength and ozone