The management ability would be questioned if too much work could not be finished because the staff is infected by COVID-19.

Work could not be finished on time

No enough hands to do work

Staff don't want to come to work

Staff could not feel safe in the working area, have bad mood

Your area is not safe, the air is not clean

People don't want to come to spend or stay

No business

Threaten the health of the weak

Your management ability would be questioned if too many is infected

Continuously disinfect the air and surface in occupied spaces!

Chemical disinfection?NO!

Air purifier? NO! that's noeffect!

254nm UVC? NO! it's not safe!

Your are not the first one!

My Artemis' UV devices with Ushio Care222 were installed all over the world.

My Artemis Far UVC Disinfection Devices

Air purification systems can attract bacteria and viruses, creating hidden dangers

Air purification systems often need to renew the filter cartridge

Air purification systems can accelerate the spread of aerosols in the space, creating a potential for infection

Air purifier generates noise

Air purifiers have high power consumption and are not energy efficient

The combined daily cost is higher than$2

Chemicals can make bacteria and viruses resistant to drugs

Chemicals can irritate the skin and respiratory tract

Many chemicals cannot be used in an occupied environment

254nm ultraviolet products can not be directly irradiated to people.

254nm ultraviolet light can easily damage the surface of home appliances, furniture, and all kinds of products, and plastic, leather, wood, and high-end fabrics are easily discolored and deteriorated.

254nm ultraviolet life is short, several hundred hours need to replace the lamp

254nm ultraviolet lamps with mercury, pollution of the environment

People generally cannot keep a fixed place clean all the time, otherwise the labor cost is very high

After human cleaning, the air and surfaces will soon be contaminated and cannot be kept clean continuously

Human cleaning will still consume chemical cleaning materials, which is also a cost

My Lumens Technology Ltd. is aSino-Japan joint venture and invertically integrated solutions company for special spectrum application.

Established in 2006, My Lumens Technology Ltd.is aSino-Japan joint-venture and an integrated solutions company for special spectrum application. Continuously providing solutions to customers, My lumens have many invention patents and utility patents, combined indirect lighting technology with special spectrum to innovate more cutting-edge and more refined technologies for human health, biomedical applications and other special spectrum applications, and continue to provide customers with different solutions in lighting way and light content.

The main business segments include human centric light business, special spectrum application business, and Care222 disinfection application business.The products are used in daily health lighting, biomedical, sterilization, air disinfection, special fresh food lighting, animal and plant growing, high-end industrial applications and otherfields.

My Artemis is the band of our far UVC disinfection productswhichareequipped with Care222®. We are providing effective disinfectiondevicesandwill develop new products equipped with Care222®to helpthepeoplefightwith the spread of viruses My Artemis far UVC dinsinfection devices, care for you, safefor you, andprotect you!