Effective & Safe Disinfection for Your Daily Life

My Artemis Far UV-C Device

Low energy consumption, energy saving, eco-friendly, no noise

Long lifespan

Replace the high labour cost

High effect, and low cost

222nm filtered far UV-C, it's skin and eyesfriendly

The disinfection effect is the same as, or might betterthan254nm UV-C, effetivly inactivate COVID-19

Could be used in occupied spaces!

Continuous disinfection to keep the air andsurfaceconstantly clean!

Ceiling installation, beautiful, do not destroy the sense of environmental design

Can directly replace the original lamps, simple installation and construction, low cost

Adding the LED indirect lighting function, sterilization and lighting at the same time

LED indirect lighting technology is very friendly to the eyes, making the eyes less likely to fatigue.

Auto-running by the IOT operating system

Multiple device operation can be controlled wirelessly

Ceiling Installation

Looks beautiful

No destroy tothesenseofenvironmental design

Simulation Display

Reference for Meeting Room Area

About 18 m2 (194ft2)

16-18 persons

Number of UV: 3Units

The dimension of UV-Square is 60x60, could be replaced the ceiling panel light of 60x60 directly, or replaced the ceiling of 60x60.

UV-Round could be replaced the 7 inches downlight.

Connect the power input wires, andput theminto the ceiling, thentheinstallation is finished, verysimple!

Use the wall buttontopoweronand off, then the devicewill runand stop

Exposure time with My Artemis UV Device for SARS-CoV2/COVID-19


1.This is not a result of any demonstrationinareal room. Disinfection efficacy variesdependingon usage environment and irradiation conditions

2. The time required for virus disinfectioniscalculated by the peak irradiance intheirradiatedarea

3.Reference: Buonanno, et al.Sci. Rep.10,10285(2020)

4 . R e f e r e n c e : K i t a g a wa , et . al ( 2020)DOI:https:/ldoi.org/10/1016/j.ajic.2020.08.022

My Artemis UV Devices
is Safe?

● My Artemis UV Devices are equpped with Ushio's Care222® filtered far UVC technology, which block the harmful wavelength and emits the 222nm far UVC that safe for human.

My Artemis UV devices is free from harmful wavelength and ozone