A Far UVC sterilization device using USHIOCare222technology.Could be used in an occupied spaces, friendly to people and effective sterilization

A germicidal device that combines LED indirect lighting technology.

Automatic operation control by IOT intelligent control system

Product Advantages and Values

Comparison with other non-Care222 similar products (brands)

Safe enough, backed by data from human clinical trials and supported by numerous scientific reports.

Other products are not supported by relevant data and reports.

The light source is produced locally in Japan, with reliable quality and high consistency

With the backing of a big company and a big brand, we have the guarantee of reputation and can shoulder the responsibility

Companies with good brands do not dare to cooperate other companies.

The high UV energy retention rate has an absolute and absolute advantage over similar products on the market.

Licensed to Columbia University patent, other products may infringe.

Product Advantages and Values

Comparison with other products with Care222

Ceiling installation, beautiful, do not destroythesense of environmental design

Can directly replace the original lamps, simpleinstallation and construction, lowcost

Two-in-one function, adding the LEDindirectlighting function, sterilization andlightingat thesame time

Can match different zeniths

Multiple device operation can be controlled wirelessly

Comparison with chemical disinfection products

● Chemicals can make bacteria and viruses resistant to drugs

● Chemicals can irritate the skin and respiratory tract

● Many chemicals cannot be used in an occupied environment

Comparison with air purifier products

● Air purification systems can attract bacteria and viruses, creating hidden dangers

● Air purification systems often need to renew the filter cartridge

● Air purification systems can accelerate the spread of aerosols in the space, creating hazards for infection

● Air purifier generates noise

● Air purifiers have high power consumption and are not energy efficient

● The combined daily cost is higher than $2

Comparison with manual cleaning

● People generally cannot keep a fixed place clean all the time, otherwise the labor cost is very high

● After human cleaning, the air and surfaces will soon be contaminated and cannot be kept clean continuously

● Human cleaning will still consume chemical cleaning materials, which is also a cost

Comparison with 254nmUV products

● 254nm ultraviolet products can not be directly irradiated to people

● 254nm ultraviolet light can easily damage the surface of home appliances, furniture, and all kinds of products, and plastic, leather, wood, and high-end fabrics are easily discolored and deteriorated

● 254nm ultraviolet life is short, several hundred hours need tore place the lamp

● 254nm ultraviolet lamps with mercury, pollution of the environment

Target Customer Group

At present, these products are not for personal using, but for the general public. for commercial and government institutions, for high-end places.

Hospitals, clinics, care centers, dental offices

High-end leisure places

Hotels with more than five stars

Applicable to the following institutions and places

High-end consumption places

VIP reception room, lounge

Government, Schools

Safe and effective

No mercury, no chemical contamination

Long lifespan, friendly to surfaces of furnitures and appliances, etc.

Cost-effective, spending a slow as 0.5USD/day

Low energy consumption, energy- saving and environmental protection, quiet and noiseless

Could be used inoccupied spaces to keep the environment clean continuously, solving the problem that traditional disinfection methods cannot solve.

Reduce laboure costs


If you still think that the price is expensive and can not sell, then you have two problems have not been solved.

You don't really understand the value of the product

(May I ask how you compare the products?)

You haven't found the right target customers